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posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Over the weekend Media Blasters announced that they had acquired Saber Marionette R at Katsucon... but didn't Bandai have the rights to SMR?

Media Blaster's recent announcement that they had acquired the rights to Saber Marionette R (SMR) has raised a lot of questions among the Internet anime fan community. Most notably, what happened to Bandai, will Media Blasters re-dub it, and when will it be out?

Bandai Entertainment released SMR on VHS but never came through with a DVD release, one was scheduled for release in late 2001, but it was canceled. According to a statement made by a Bandai rep, the masters for SMR had been lost.

Media Blasters has since picked up the rights to Saber Marionette R, as well as the English translation used by Bandai for their VHS release. Media Blasters has informed ANN that they plan to use the original dub, and that they will only re-translate for the subtitles if they are unhappy with the existing script. As for when it will be released, Media Blasters plans to release it on July 13th 2004.

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