Manga Artists Petition Japanese Prime Minister

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
More in the ongoing struggle for Mangaka to receive compensation for rental manga

Representing the "21st century Copyright Consideration Group", Mangaka Fujiko Fujio and Satonaka Machiko visited Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi on March 30th with a petition to have manga lending rates imposed on manga-renting libraries.

The group is seeking a reform to the Japanese copyright act that would set royalty fees for the lending of manga and other printed material in the same was that royalty fees are applied to the lending of Music CDs and other media.

The Prime Minister stated that he enjoyed reading Tetsuwan Atom and Shonen Kenya and pointed out that he felt Intellectual copyright to be a very serious matter.

The present situation, where manga are rented out without any royalty fees, is expected to hurt the industry if it is allowed to continue. Providing a cheaper alternative to buying manga outright, the popularity of manga rental outlets is expected to surge in the near future.

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