Otakon 2005 Announced

posted on 2004-11-23 01:10 EST
Several Changes of Note

Otakon has announced its 2005 date & location. As with the last several years, Otakon 2005 will take place at the Baltimore Convention Center. However the August 19-21 weekend is approximately 2 weeks later than the usual time frame for Otakon in recent years. No reason for the date change was given.

In addition to the change in date, Otakon has also announced, for the first time in its history, an attendance cap. A limit of 22,000 people will be permitted "memberships" to Otakon 2005. According to Jim Vowles, vice con chair for Otakon 2005, this attendance cap was decided on because they were getting close to the physical limits of the BCC and the staff's ability to deal with the crowds and maintain safety. Rather than risk a limit being imposed by the city or the BCC, potentially at the last minute, Otakon has decided to impose this limit on itself right away. It is stated that the limit of 22,000 still permits the event some room to grow.

They've also announced that, as of 2005, memberships are no longer refundable. Memberships used to be refundable for anyone who did not attend.

Finally, they announced that they will no longer be offering 1-day memberships in 2005. The primary reason for this and the previously mentioned change (no refunds) is logistical. As the convention attendance numbers grow, the difficulty in verifying badges and processing refunds in a timely manner has increased.

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