Yu-Gi-Oh! Card on eBay

posted on 2004-12-14 11:06 EST by Christopher Macdonald
$25,000 and Counting for English Cyber-Stein Card

"Cyber-Stein" an extremely rare and powerful Yu-Gi-Oh! card is currently on auction at eBay with the current high-bid at $25,300 at 39 hours remaining in the auction. Currently there are only two English Cyber-Stein cards in existence, both of which were given away at last weekend's GenCon SoCal (one to the Shonen Jump Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament winner, and the other to a raffle winner). While there are no plans to mass-produce the Cyber-Stein card for sale, future copies will be given away at similar convention, with the next ones being given out in February at the Shonen Jump Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Championship in Las Vegas.

The Japanese version of Cyber-Stein occasionally shows up on eBay and is auctioned off for less than $50. The English card however is legal in North American Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments.

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