Imported Manga at Borders and Waldenbooks

posted on 2005-02-07 23:42 EST by Christopher Macdonald
Untranslated Japanese Manga Graces the Shelves

Jen Rickel has written in from Gurnee, Illinois to inform us that her local Borders bookstore now stocks four shelves of imported Japanese manga. Numerous volumes in eight different series, including Ichigo 100% and Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru - Secret Sweethearts were found.

Pluie writes in the Anime on DVD Forums that a Borders store in in Novi, Michigan also had multiple volumes from several untranslated, imported manga, including Death Note, Ichigo 100% and Spiral. Other people have commented on seeing the untranslated manga at Waldenbooks as well.

ANN has contacted the Borders regarding this but has not yet received a response.

This article has a follow-up: More on Imported Manga (2005-02-08 10:35)

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