Gundam True Odyssey Tops Japanese Sales

posted on 2005-07-08 21:55 EDT by Christopher Macdonald
Sales Limited by lack of Retailer Confidence

Bandai's June 30th release of Gundam True Odyssey for the PS2 was the top selling console game in Japan last week, selling 85,989 copies.

Sales would have been higher had most stores not run out of stock. 97% of the copies shipped were sold.

In April Bandai shipped 400,000 copies of One Year War and only 158,959 of those copies were sold in the first week. To date One Year War still hasn't reached 400,000 sales, Bandai had stated that it expected to sell over a million copies of One Year War.

Federation Vs. Zeon, the top selling Gundam game of all time sold 348,242 copies during its first week and went on to sell over 800,000 copies.

Lacking confidence in the newest Gundam's ability to sell, retailers underestimated demand for the game. However it is unknown if its first week sales would have surpassed those of One Year War.

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