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CMX on Tenjho Tenge

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
CMX Editor Grilled at Comic-Con

CMX editor Ben Abernathy and DC spokesman Adam Phillips hosted a Comic-Con panel that, as many predicted, centered very much aroung the editing of Tenjho Tenge.

The pair started the panel with previews of upcoming manga, however as soon as the panel was opened to questions, the first question and the majority of the questions, revolved around the Tenjho Tenge edits.

The most notable points made were that 1) All future books aimed at mature audiences would be shrink-wrapped, 2) if books are edited there will be a notice regarding it in the solicitation, however no indication will be made on the book itself.

They also indicated, when asked, that there had been conversations at CMX about possible re-releasing Tenjho Tenge in an unedited format, however no indication was given as to whether it was likely.

Due to room capacity limitations, ANN's staff at Comic-Con were not able to enter the CMX panel (despite having press passes), a full panel report is available from Newsrama here.

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