Next Space Tourist Wants to Cosplay

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Otaku Entrepreneur to Dress as Char Anzanable on $20-million flight.

Japanese Internet investor Daisuke Enomoto, set to become the world's fourth "space tourist", plans to dress as Gundam character Char Anzanable during his $20-million dollar flight. All the self-professed Gundam-otaku requires is the aproval of the Russian Space Agency, which operates the space-tours for Space Adventures Inc.

Space Adventures Inc. has so far sent three "Space Tourists" to the International Space Station on Russian Soyuz space-craft for US$20-million a piece. Enomoto, former board director of Livedoor, a popular Japanese blog community (the 37th most popular website on the Internet according to Alexa), is set to make his trip into space in late 2006.

Thanks to Mike Delporte for this item.

Update: Gunota Headlines links to Enomoto's English Language personal website, here

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