Monkey Punch Asks, "What Should Lupin Steal Next?"

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Contest Winner to Receive Original Lupin Art Inspired by his Answer and Next Lupin Work May Even be Based on the Answer

Monkey Punch, the creator of Lupin III, would like to know what people want the phantom thief to steal next time.

OK Wave (a BBS site where people contribute answers to one others' questions) and Nikkei Entertainment (a magazine about movies, music, television and books) are holding a contest called "Enter Kaitôryoku Senshuken," a contest pitting OK Wave users against the entertainment industries questions. Entertainment industry professionals ask the questions, and then from the answers provided a winner is selected.

Monkey Punch joined the team that contributes questions along with other people who work in entertainment industries.

Monkey Punch's question is 'What do you want Lupin III to steal next time ?'

He will select what he regards as the best answer and then draw an original picture of Lupin III stealing the item in question as a prize for the winner. The original picture will be given to the winner. Furthermore, if there is an excellent idea, it will be adapted for the next Lupin III work. Supplementary prizes which will be given to the winner include a Lupin III Zippo lighter, Lupin III DVD, Amazon gift certificate and 6 month free subscription to Nikkei Entertainment magazine.

The deadline to provide an answer is Novermber 17th. Participants must be registered with OK Wave to enter the contest.

The contest's home page, and guidelines can be read (in Japanese) here, while a message from Monkey Punch and his question are posted here (also in Japanese).

Thanks to Vitruvius for this Item

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