"Nobel Prize" For Foreign Manga

posted on 2006-04-29 12:26 EDT
Japanese Foreign Minister Proposes Nobel-esque Prize For Best Non-Japanese Manga Artists

Japan's foreign minister, Taro Aso, has proposed the creation of a prize akin to the Nobel Prize to be awarded to the best up-and-coming foreign manga artists. Speaking at the University of Digital Content in Akihabara, Aso said that by giving non-Japanese artists such an award would increase their affinity with Japan.

Speaking about the tense political situation between China and Japan, Aso also called for the creation of an "anime ambassador" award for up-and-coming Japanese artists. Aso said that, while relations between the Chinese and Japanese governments are very poor, anime and manga are extremely popular in Japan. Speaking to a group of about 100 students, Aso said that manga and anime creators have engrossed young people in many nations. "It is something that the Foreign Ministry could never achieve," he stated.

A big fan of manga himself, Aso will be in the USA next week.

The University of Digital content is an animation school in Akihabara.

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