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Tokyopop Confirms 38 Upcoming Manga, Manhwa, Novels

posted on by Egan Loo
Titles include FLCL novels, Mamotte Shugogetten!, Shin Megami Tensei

Tokyopop has confirmed that it has acquired all 17 series or standalone titles that the Rosetta Stone Cafe shōjo manga group discovered on Amazon.com this past weekend. It has also confirmed that the FLCL volume to be released on March 11, 2008 is the novel version, and confirmed 21 additional titles which include Japanese manga, manhwa, world manga, illustrations books, and novels. The 38 titles for the first half of 2008, including previously announced ones, are as follows:

Title Creator Scheduled Release
Aria Kozue Amano January 8, 2008
Deja vu - Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter Byung-Jun Byun and In-Wan Youn January 8, 2008
Gakuen Alice Tachibana Higuchi January 8, 2008
Harukaze Bitter Bop Court Betten January 8, 2008
King City Brandon Scott Graham January 8, 2008
The Knockout Makers Kyouko Hashimoto January 8, 2008
Manga Sutra -- Futari H Katsu Aki January 8, 2008
Monochrome Factor Kaili Sorano January 8, 2008
Short Sunzen! Susugi Sakurai January 8, 2008
V.B. Rose Banri Hidaka January 8, 2008
.hack//G.U.+ Tatsuya Hamazaki and Yuzuka Morita February 12, 2008
I Wish Hyun-Joo Seo February 12, 2008
Masque: Gothic & Lolita Various February 12, 2008
New Petshop of Horrors Matsuri Akino February 12, 2008
Princess Ai: Rumors from the Other Side February 12, 2008
Shin Megami Tensei (KAHN) Kazuaki Yanagisawa February 12, 2008
Twelve Kingdoms - Paperback Edition
Fuyumi Ono February 12, 2008
Spy Goddess Michael P. Spradlin and Rainbow Buddy March 1, 2008
Boku to Kanojo no XXX
(formerly licensed by ADV Manga as Yours and My Secret)
Ai Morinaga March 11, 2008
Devil's Bride Se-Young Kim March 11, 2008
Fever Hee Jung Park March 11 2008
FLCL (Novel) Yoji Enokido March 11, 2008
Seduction More Beautiful Than Love Hyun-Sook Lee March 11, 2008
The Third Yūko Itō March 11, 2008
Rose Hip Rose Toru Fujisawa March 12, 2008
Bad Kitty Michele Jaffe April 1, 2008
Dragon Sister! nini April 8, 2008
Element Line Mamiya Takizaki April 8, 2008
eV Alfa Robbi and James Farr April 8, 2008
GOSICK Kazuki Sakuraba April 8, 2008
Hellgate: London Arvid Nelson and Lee Tae-Hang April 8, 2008
Hotel Africa Hee Jung Park April 8, 2008
I-Doll Mi-Ae Choi April 8, 2008
Mamotte Shugogetten! Minene Sakurano April 8, 2008
Starcraft Anthology Various April 8, 2008
Warcraft Anthology Various April 8, 2008
Sea Princess Azuri Erica Reis May 8, 2008
Ai-Land Collection D. J. Milky and Misaho Kujiradou May 12, 2008
D.N.Angel Illustrations FEDER Yukiru Sugisaki May 13, 2008
Fallen Moon: Daten no Tsuki Hasumi Toui June 10, 2008

Source: Tokyopop, Rosetta Stone Cafe's list of 17 titles via AnimeonDVD.com

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