Chow Yun-Fat Comments on Dragonball Film in Newspaper

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Oriental Daily reports Chow has yet to read manga, plans on 2-month trip

The Oriental Daily News reports on comments made by international star Chow Yun-Fat (A Better Tomorrow, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) after the Hollywood Reporter trade newspaper revealed that he will be starring in Twentieth Century Fox's live-action Dragonball film adaptation. The Oriental Daily News is the most circulated newspaper in Hong Kong, Chow's birthplace. According to the paper, Chow has received the script and plans on going on location in Mexico for two months, although he has yet to sign all the paperwork for his role.

Chow will play Master Roshi, the mentor to the film's lead character Son Goku (Justin Chatwin). The newspaper says that he has yet to read Akira Toriyama's original fighting manga, and that he is basing his decision to join the cast on the script. He is reportedly amused to be playing mentor roles in this stage of his career.

Thank you to dormcat for the news tip.

Source: Shanghai Explorer

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