Weather Buries Neo NohCon

posted on 2008-03-08 00:00 EST by Christopher Macdonald
This weekend's event canceled due to snow

The organizers of the Neo NohCon anime convention, scheduled for Saturday, March 8 and Sunday, March 9 in Buffalo, New York, has informed ANN that the convention has been canceled due to the current snowstorm. The snowstorm is expected to dump up to 50 centimeters (20 inches) on the area by the end of the weekend.

Daemon College, where the event was scheduled to take place, canceled the event because the current blizzard conditions were deemed to be too much of a risk for attendees.

Vendors and attendees who pre-registered will be refunded.

"The Daemen College Anime club extends its gratitude to everyone for their understanding. We are by no means finished for all time, we are merely delayed for a little while. Tons of time, effort, money, work, hopes, and dreams went into this convention's third year — these efforts will not be in vain."

In 2003, Arlington, Virginia's Katsucon convention was affected by a snow storm that closed down many major highways in the area. Hundreds of attendees could not leave the hotel in which the convention was held until up two days after it officially concluded. Convention staff and the guests of honor responded by hosting unofficial panels and keeping the video rooms open throughout the next day.

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