Macross Frontier, Code Geass R2 Gets DVD, Blu-ray

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Japan's Frontier discs adds 1st episode's final cut, Chinese restaurant extras

Bandai Visual of Japan has announced (PDF format) that it will release the ongoing Macross Frontier robot anime television series on both DVD and Blu-ray Disc starting on July 25. It also confirmed that the Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 sequel series will also be released on both formats starting on August 22.

The first volume of Macross Frontier on Blu-ray and DVD will contain the first episode in two versions: the preview "Deculture Edition" that aired last December, and a new complete "Yakku Deculture Edition" that will run 32 minutes. The initial pressings will also contain goods that celebrate the 50th anniversary of the fictional Nyan-Nyan Chinese restaurant chain. All pressings will come with 16 pages of liner notes and an audio commentary. The Blu-ray version will have a Linear PCM stereo soundtrack and 16:9-aspect-ratio, 1080p-resolution video. The eight remaining volumes will be released monthly starting in September. Macross Frontier marks the 25th anniversary of this science-fiction romance classic.

The initial pressings of the first volume of Code Geass R2 on Blu-ray and DVD will include eight postcards of the ending animation illustrations (drawn by CLAMP) as well as a CD of the tentatively titled "Code Geass Hangyaku Nikki: Q&A edition." All pressings will have a 16-page booklet about the world of R2, a video report of the first episode's preview screening, an illustrated drama, a Flash-animated Baba theater extra, a video collection of animation director's sketches, and an audio comentary of the first episode. The remaining eight volumes will follow afterwards with one disc per month. The Blu-ray version will have a linear PCM soundtrack and 16:9, 1080p video. Bandai Entertainment confirmed that it has licensed both the first Geass robot anime series and this second one for North America.

Image © 2007 Big West/Macross F Project
© Sunrise/Project Geass, MBS
Character Design © 2006-2008 CLAMP

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