Girugumesh, Captains, Thee 50s High Teens Playing USA

posted on 2008-09-08 02:40 EDT

The music distributor has announced that the Japanese hard rock group girugamesh will be playing at the Sakura-Con event in April of 2009 in Seattle, Washington. The group's entire catalog debuted on's website on Friday, and the self-titled Girugamesh album will also available at Hot Topic stores by the end of the month.

Another label, Tokyo no Records, is hosting The Captains and Thee 50s High Teens bands in the United States this month. The Captains will play in several Southern states from September 11 until September 20 (the date of the band's Anime Weekend Atlanta concert in Georgia). The band's I Love GS album of cover songs will ship in the United States on October 22. Thee 50s High Teens will begin an American tour at the T-Mode event in Virginia on September 6, and then continue playing in several northeastern states. Thee 50s High Teens' second album, Punch de Beat will debut on September 9.

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