Thee 50s High Teens and The Captains Tour the US

Tokyo no Records is proud to present two bands appearing in the US this September: Thee 50s High Teens and The Captains.

Thee 50s High Teens will start their tour on September 6 as one of several musical guests of T-Mode, a gaming and anime convention held in Arlington, Virginia. They will continue on their tour to other Northeastern cities including Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Athens, New York City, and Philadelphia. During their stop in Philadelphia, Thee 50s High Teens will broadcast their rehearsal and performance live on WOLR Radio FM, including an interview in the rehearsal hall. In conjunction with this tour, their debut in the US, the band will release their second full album titled “Punch de Beat” on September 9.

The Captains return to the US conducting their own tour of Southern states beginning on September 11 in Austin, Texas with shows following in Houston, Hattiesburg, Gainesville, Orlando, and Tallahassee, concluding at Anime Weekend Atlanta in Georgia. Shortly after their tour, their new album of cover songs entitled “I Love GS” will be released on October 22.

Thee 50's High Teens are the best dressed vampire band in Japan as well as one of the indie scene's biggest draws. They were born and continue to live in the Fukuoka prefecture of Kyushu (southwest Japan). Lead singer Tomo founded the band when she was only 16 years old. Now its ten years later and they're still playing their unique blend of 60's garage/Group Sounds/70s punk rock like four teenage girls. They are proud “Fukuoka girls”, but are flown to Tokyo several times a month on the dime of promoters who are desperate to put them on their bills.

The Captains formed in an effort to carry on the GS tradition. They are currently one of the most popular indie acts in Japan, their following constantly growing due to incessant touring and a memorable live act. They live in a house together in northern Japan, just like the Monkees (aside from the Japan bit).

About Tokyo no Records:

Tokyo No Records is an independent Philadelphia-based record label dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Japanese rock and roll history for the benefit of English-speaking audiences. Through their website,, and their CD liner notes, Tokyo No Records provides information on the history of Japanese rock music that has previously been unable in English. TNRecs' roster includes modern Group Sounds champions The Captains and all-girl garage rockers Thee 50's High Teens and will eventually expand to include North American reissues of classic Japanese rock albums. September 2008 sees U.S. tours and new CD releases from both The Captains and Thee 50's High Teens. September also marks the release of Tokyo No Records' first compilation, "The Time Was Then Is Now", a 16 track CD featuring modern Japanese bands each contributing one original song and one cover of a classic Japanese rock
song with accompanying liner notes on all bands, new and old. Tokyo No Records releases are currently only available on tours and through their website.

About WOLR Radio FM:

WOLR Radio FM, formerly known as Otaku Life Radio, is a professional, real time radio station fully licensed by the FCC that broadcasts both terrestrially and online. At any one time, the online servers can host up to 3000 listeners worldwide. Specializing in Asian music and convention coverage, WOLR Radio FM broadcasts music, interviews, news, and more 24/7.


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