Ad Lib Prince Slot Machine Manga to Bundle Anime DVD

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1st 4 stories from Keiichi Akatsuki's gambling manga get animated

Seven & Y and other Japanese retailers report that Keiichi Akatsuki's Ad Lib Prince (Ad Lib Ōji) pachinko slot machine (pachi-slo) manga will bundle a 60-minute anime DVD in a "Gokufu Box" on December 20. Pachi-slo are slot machines that are usually found in pachinko gaming parlors in Japan. The Ad Lib Prince manga recounts the life of a professional slot machine player named Ōji, while teaching the readers tips on playing the slots themselves. The box will include the first volume of the manga and a DVD that animates the four stories ("Ōji vs. Hokuro," "Ōji vs. Okashi," "Ōji vs. Yurie," "Ōji vs. Ginbuchi") in that volume.

The publisher Byakuya Shobo claims that over 3 million people read the manga, which the publisher's Bessatsu Pachi-Slot Panic 7 magazine serializes. Eight main volumes and three side story volumes have been compiled and published in Japan so far. The manga was previously adapted into a Sony PlayStation game and an actual pachi-slot machine game.

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