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Final Kara no Kyoukai Film Slated for August in Japan

posted on by Egan Loo

The June issue of Kadokawa Shoten's Newtype magazine will report on Saturday that Satsujin Kōsatsu (Go), the seventh and final Kara no Kyōkai - the Garden of sinners film, will open at Tokyo's Theatre Shinjuku in August. The films center around Shiki Ryougi, a mysterious amnesiac girl who has the "Mystic Eyes of Death Perception." With this power, she can see the lines of mortality connecting everything in existence. All seven Kara no Kyoukai films adapt the novels series of the same name by author Kinoko Nasu and illustrator Takashi Takeuchi.

The fifth film, Kara no Kyōkai - the Garden of sinners: Paradox Paradigm (Mujun Rasen), will hold its American premiere at the Anime Boston convention on May 22. Kara no Kyoukai theme song singer Kalafina and producer/composer Yuki Kajiura will appear as Guests of Honor at the event. Ticket sales for the seventh film will begin on June 20, while the DVD for the sixth film, Bōkyaku Rokuon, will ship on July 29 in Japan. After launching the novels, Nasu and Takeuchi would also co-found the Type-Moon multmedia studio and develop the Tsukihime, Lunar Legend and Fate/stay night visual novel software.

Source: 2channel

Image © KINOKO NASU/KodanshaAniplex•Notes•ufotable

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