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Domo-kun Gets CG Superhero Transformation This Spring

posted on by Egan Loo
BS Digital Domo to promote NHK BS broadcast satellites' digital transition

Domo-kun (Domo), NHK's internationally known mascot character, is getting transformed into a superhero character with computer graphics this spring. "BS Digital Domo" is designed to promote the NHK BS broadcast satellite system's full-digital transition. The familiar furry brown mascot will don a sky-blue "full-digital transition suit" complete with a "BS Belt" and stars over his eyes to symbolize the broadcast satellites. The Mainichi Shimbun paper's website posted an image of the promotional campaign's new design.

Whereas the earlier incarnation of Domo was animated with stop-motion techniques, "BS Digital Domo" is being produced with computer graphics. NHK's digital broadcasting campaign site has posted 11 5-second stop-motion shorts as teasers for the transition. (At least five more shorts are planned.)

Director Tsuneo Goda developed the profile of "BS Digital Domo" just as he did for the original Domo-kun character. The vibration- and heat-resistant "full-digital transition suit" offers freedom of movement in space while the gloves give the character 30 times the punching strength of a gorilla. Similarly, his new shoes enables him to run 50 times the speed of a cheetah and jump to the moon. He can fly 100 times the speed of a jet, and he can also hear distant whispers with the "full-digital mike."

The "Taikan! Digital Power ga Yatte Kuru" promotional campaign for the digital transition will be unveiled on March 20, and it will be then be shown on all of NHK's television services on March 29.

New stop-motion Domo shorts were created for the Target chain of department stores in the United States in 2008, and more shorts were created for the 7-Eleven chain of convenience stores last year. Tokyopop published an English-language, full-color graphic novel last September. The following month, Goda unveiled the second stop-motion anime feature film for another of his creations, Komaneko, in Japan

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