Gurren Lagann Parallel Works 2 Promo Video Streamed

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7 new music videos with new music to ship in Japan on May 26

The official website of Gurren Lagann Parallel Works 2, an all-new collection of music videos set in parallel worlds to the Gurren Lagann anime franchise, has begun streaming a 126-second promotional video.

In the first project, several staffers of the Gurren Lagann anime created eight spinoff shorts that explored the theme of "multiple universes" with background music from the television series. For Parallel Works 2, a different set of animators use all-new background music and character songs:

  • Akemi Hayashi "The Sense of Wonder" (pictured at right)s
  • Gekidan Inu Curry "Ore no XXX wa Uchū Hitotsu"
  • Shouko Nishigaki "Sayonara Dai Gurren"
  • Ayumu Kotake, Shintarou Douge "Big Building"
  • Satoshi Yamaguchi "Kiyal no Magical Time, Sanpun Mae" ("Kyal's Magical Time, Three Minutes Before")
  • Shouji Saeki, Shingo Abe "Gunmen Symphonia"
  • Sushio "Kitan Zero"

The limited May 26 pressing of the DVD will include a CD with the new music, as well as a booklet and a box.

Image © Gainax, Kazuki Nakashima/Aniplex

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