Yamato, Hello Kitty Mark 36th Birthday with KimuTaku (Updated)

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Sanrio Puroland theme park, battlesuited Kitty to host Yamato promo show

Not-So-Daily Link of the Day II: The Space Battleship Yamato anime franchise and Sanrio's Hello Kitty character will celebrate their shared 36th birthday this year with a "Hello Kitty to Daniel no Eiga Daisuki!! ~Space Battleship Yamato yori~" (Hello Kitty and Daniel Love Films!! From Space Battleship Yamato) show at Tokyo's Sanrio Puroland theme park. Yamato premiered in Japan in 1974, the same year that Hello Kitty was "born." Yamato will resurface on December 1 as a live-action film starring SMAP band member Takuya Kimura ("KimuTaku").

The promotional show will feature Hello Kitty herself, dressed in the same battlesuit that Kimura and the other actors playing the Yamato battleship's crew members wear in the film. The show will run from August 1 to August 31 at the theme park. Starting on July 3, 50,000 people will receive limited-edition mobile accessory straps with the battlesuit-wearing Hello Kitty and other characters when they buy advance tickets for the film.

Sources: Sports Hochi, Sports Nippon

Update: TV Asahi has posted images of the mobile accessory straps.

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