Angel Heart Manga to Continue Despite Magazine's End

posted on by Heather Skinner
Also at France's Japan Expo: Masakazu Katsura says Zetman is at halfway mark

The and websites reported that manga creator Tsukasa Hojo reassured fans at France's Japan Expo earlier this month that his Angel Heart story will continue, despite the cancellation of the manga's Comic Bunch magazine. Hojo did not give any more details on how the manga will continue.

Angel Heart's story follows a young Taiwanese assassin codenamed "Glass Heart." After committing suicide by jumping off a building, her heart is pierced by a metal fence but she is miraculously saved by a heart transplant. During recovery, she begins to have strange dreams which leads her on a new journey to find the donor of her new heart.

Also at Japan Expo, manga creator Masakazu Katsura said that he believes that he is only halfway finished with the story of Zetman. Katsura said at a panel that he chose to continue with Zetman rather than the three volumes of Shadow Lady as he wanted to develop the world of Zetman further. He added that he has total freedom over the story's development. When asked is he knew if Zetman would be adapted into a live-action Hollywood film, Katsura said he was not against the idea, and he noted that Tim Burton's Batman film was a source of inspiration for Zetman. A complete transcript of Katsura's panel, in French, is available on the Total Manga website.

Originally a one-shot in 1994, Zetman centers around Jin, a poor young man who lives with his grandfather. Jin has excellent fighting skills and a halo carved in his hand. A scientist named Amagi is searching for a professor to learn the whereabouts of Zet, who is a "Player" or a kind of genetically altered human created years before. Soon, Jin and his grandfather are attacked by a man who turns into a monster, and Jin learns that he has a personal connection to the professor and the Z.E.T. Project.

Japan Expo was held in Paris, France from July 1 to July 4. Japan Expo has not officially announced its 2010 attendance figures yet, but the organizers were expecting 180,000 unique attendees, up from 160,000 in 2009.

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