Tōfu Kozō Supernatural Novel Gets 3D Anime Film (Updated)

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Retelling of ghost folk tale by Requiem from the Darkness/Mōryō no Hako's Kyogoku

An anime film adaptation of Natsuhiko Kyogoku's Tōfu Kozō Sugoroku-dōchū Furidashi novel will open in Japan during next spring's Golden Week holidays. The Tōfu Kozō ("Tofu Boy") film re-imagines an iconic character in traditional Japanese folklore. According to legend, a boyish spirit waits along country roads and tricks travelers into eating a piece of deadly tofu.

In Kyogoku's retelling, Tōfu Kozō is a spirit in search of his own identity; he wanders the countryside to discover the reason and meaning for his existence. The diminutive spirit embarks on a series of thrilling adventures and encounters many other supernatural denizens.

Warner Bros. Pictures Japan is streaming a promotional video for the film, which will play in theaters in traditional 2D and stereoscopic 3D. Golden Week begins in late April.

Kyogoku wrote the original novels that inspired the Loups-Garous, Mōryō no Hako, and Requiem from the Darkness anime and manga. Geneon Entertainment (USA) Inc. released the Requiem from the Darkness anime in North America. Vertical published Summer of Ubume, the first novel written by Kyogoku, last year, and Viz Media published the Loups-Garous novel in May.

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Update: Viz Media already published the Loups-Garous novel in May. Thanks, stonehand.

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