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J.C. Staff Animates SNK Playmore's Sister Quest 2 Footage

posted on by Egan Loo
RPG slot-machine game with Hatsukoi Limited's Yoshiki Yamakawa, Sphere

The anime studio J.C. Staff is producing over 60 minutes of animated footage for SNK Playmore's Sister Quest 2 ~Maken no Kishi to Shirogane no Miko~ (Sister Quest 2 ~The Knight of the Magic Sword and the Silver Shrine Maiden) "RPG pachi-slo" game, which will debut in Japan this winter. The game is the latest in SNK Playmore's Sister Quest franchise that combines the elements of pachi-slo (slot machine games for pachinko parlors) and role-playing games. Miwa Shoda (SaGa Frontier, Final Fantasy XII) wrote the game's scenario about a spirited knight named Chiffon and her twin sister, a level-headed shrine maiden (miko) named Stella.

The game's official website launched on Friday and revealed that Yoshiki Yamakawa (Hatsukoi Limited, Hells Angels) is directing the animated footage. The artist yumi is designing the characters. The female group Sphere is performing the opening theme song "Climax Whistle" and the ending theme "Yukana Record." Not coincidentally, the four members of Sphere also headline the main cast, which is as follows:

Chiffon: Aki Toyosaki
Stella: Minako Kotobuki
Reiji: Haruka Tomatsu
Rosy: Ayahi Takagaki
Toraji: Kunihiko Yasui
Lily: Ayumi Tsuji
Caesar: [Listed officially as "???"]
Umeji: Masahiro Nonaka
Father Rene: Shinya Takahashi
Sereia: Aira Yūki
Lucius: Nobuhiko Okamoto

The game continues the trend of anime studios doing work for the pachinko and pachi-slo industry during the current tough economic times. SNK Playmore is streaming the prologue for the game on its YouTube channel.

Source: animeanime.jp

Image © SNK Playmore

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