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Crunchyroll Adds Canvas 2, Venus to Mamoru, Macademi

posted on by Gia Manry
Site's simulcast lineup page also updated for planned announcements next week

The North American media distribution site Crunchyroll has announced the final three anime titles of its deal with Japanese licensor Kadokawa: Canvas 2: Rainbow-Colored Sketch (Canvas 2 - Niji Iro no Sketch), Venus to Mamoru (Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku wo!), and Magician's Academy (Macademi Wasshoi!). Crunchyroll previously announced its acquisition of Macademi this past October.

2005's Canvas 2 is an adaptation of a dating simulation videogame by developer F&C FC01, which itself was a sequel to the 2001 game Canvas - Motif of Sepia (which was also made into an anime OAV in 2001). The story focuses on the students and teachers of Nadeshiko Academy.

The 2006 television anime Venus to Mamoru is based on a series of light novels written by Hiroki Iwata and illustrated by Toshiyuki Satō which ran in the magazine Dengeki HP. The series follows a high school boy who attends a school for the magically gifted and begins dating a classmate, the strongest magic-user in the school.

Magician's Academy revolves around a young boy at a school for magic-users who unintentionally creates a being who could destroy the world. Based on Ichiro Sakaki and BLADE's manga of the same name, the television anime adaptation aired in 2008.

Crunchyroll has also updated its simulcast lineup page. According to the slots on the page, Crunchyroll will begin announcing simulcasts on January 3. There are ten slots on the page listing dates from January 3 to 6; however, this is not always indicative of the final number of simulcasts on the site. The number does not include simulcasts continuing from past seasons such as Bleach and Fairy Tail.

Thanks to Bruce McF for the tip.

Images © 2005 Canvas 2 Production Committee
© Hiroki Iwata/Media Works/Beatrice Partners
© Ichiro Sakaki & BLADE / Enterbrain, Inc. / ZEXCS

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