Zektbach's 2nd Album Ships with Original Video Anime

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AIC animates 1st part of fantasy epic by Bemani composer Tomosuke Funaki

The Epic of Zektbach -Masinowa-, the second album of music that Bemani game fanchise composer Tomosuke Funaki created under the pen name "Zektbach," shipped on Monday with an original video animation work. The anime recreates Shamshir Dance, the first part of The Epic of Zektbach storyline. Zektbach supervised the entire production of the anime from the story to the direction. The designer Maya drew the illustration for the jacket cover on the 30-minute DVD.

The story begins when the kingdom of Noigllado suddenly invades the small country of Azuelgatt and brings it to the brink of destruction. General Adnowell leads Noigllado's troops against Azuelgatt's final, remaining line of defense: the fortress Doroah, led by a skilled female warrior named Shamshir.

Mizuho Nishikubo (Video Girl Ai, Bakuen Campus Guardress) directed off a script by Rizu Iwazaki. Hideki Furukawa (Ōkamikakushi) designed the characters and oversaw the animation process at AIC. Yukio Nagasaki (BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad, Valkyria Chronicles) directed the soundtrack, which was composed by Yuuki Kume (Bemani). Yuko Kaida led the cast as Shamshir.

The game company Konami had announced on March 16 that the March 11 earthquake and tsunami had resulted in the delay of the regular edition of The Epic of Zektbach -Masinowa-. However, the editions with the anime shipped as scheduled from Konami's mail-order service.

Images © 2011 Konami Digital Entertainment

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