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Otakon Hosts Angel ScandyS Premiere, Director, Concert

posted on by Egan Loo
Macross/Yamato's Ishiguro introduces comedy anime with July 30 concert by cast

The organizers of Otakon announced on Tuesday that the July 29-31 convention in Baltimore will host the premiere of the Angel ScandyS comedy anime with veteran director Noboru Ishiguro as a guest. The event will also host a concert by three of the anime's voice actresses.

Artland, the anime studio founded by Ishiguro, revealed the Angel ScandyS project just last year in Japan. Otakon describes the story as follows:

Angel ScandyS is a comedy about three normal girls, three demons, and three angels, trying to become idols.

So just why are angels and demons trying to become idols? It's because a certain man's soul got double booked for heaven and hell due to a system error! This man was the Principal of Lilliard Music School, the school that's produced countless stars. As soon as he died, the evil chairman of the board took over the school. The original Principal won't rest in peace without taking his school back. So he is refusing to go to heaven or hell!

The angels and demons don't know what to do, until the Principal says that he will give his soul to whoever does more to help him take back his school. The angels and demons are interested in becoming idols to begin with, so they gladly accepted! Now the angels and demons are going through idol training on Earth!

Ishiguro is best known for directing such science-fiction anime classics as Space Battleship Yamato, the 1980 Astro Boy/Mighty Atom television series, the first Macross series and film, Megazone 23, and Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

Three of the anime's voice actresses — Orine Fukushima (Yanbo, Ninbo, Tonbo's Yanbo), Momoko Ohara (Minami-ke's Yū), and Chiaki Shimogama (Before Green Gables' Edward Thomas) — will appear at the convention and hold a concert on Saturday, July 30. In Angel ScandyS, Ohara will play "a tomboy devil with the heart of a shōnen manga hero" named Grill, while Shimogawa will play Tsuzumi Usui, a schoolgirl "with a cheerful outlook on life."

Image © The Animation Enterprise Group of Japan

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