Water Boys/Swing Girls' Yaguchi Directs 1st Anime Project

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Shibobu Yaguchi makes shorts based on his Robo-G comedy about 73-year-old in fake robot

Shibobu Yaguchi, the director of hit films such as Water Boys, Swing Girls, and Happy Flight, has written and directed his first anime project. Animeka is a collection of three original anime shorts starring the "New Shiokaze" robot from Robo-G, Yaguchi's most recent feature film. The shorts will be bonus extras in the special edition Blu-ray Disc and DVD for the Robo-G film.

In Robo-G, three little-regarded Kimura Electronics employees develop a two-legged walking robot called "New Shiokaze" on orders from their president — but the robot falls out a window and gets demolished right before an exhibition. Scared for their jobs, the three decide to put a 73-year-old geezer in a robot suit and parade him around the exhibition. However, the shenanigans are only beginning for the three makers as the fake robot's popularity grows, and their charade gets wilder and more complicated.

In the "Taikyoku" (Go Match) anime short, New Shiokaze engages a robot in the traditional Japanese board game of Go. In "Movie Star," the three Kimura Electronics developers and New Shiokaze go to a movie theater. "O-Sōji Robo Sanba" (Clearning Robot Sanba) shows off the surprising prowess of Kimura's prototype cleaning robot.

The film opened in Japan this past January, and it earned over 1.1 billion yen (about US$14 million). Robo-G will ship on Blu-ray and DVD with the three bonus anime shorts on August 3.

Source: Oricon

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