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JManga Adds Records of the Three Kingdoms, Miku-4

posted on by Joseph First
Chinese Sangokushi novel & Hatsune Miku reinterpreted in manga form

JManga, a platform for reading legal manga online, revealed in its newsletter on Tuesday that it will release several volumes of manga in the coming week. These releases include the first volumes of Kenzō Kitakata and Ha Seung Nam's Records of the Three Kingdoms (Sangokushi) — available now — and Nagimiso's MIKU-4 (Miku Yon) on Thursday.

Ha's manga adapts Kitakata's Japanese interpretation of the Three Kingdoms Period in Chinese history. JManga.com describes the story: "At the end of the Han Dynasty in China, the Imperial Court was collapsing to the point of no repair. With corrupt eunuchs and selfish relatives manipulating the emperor, the government was becoming obsolete and peasant uprisings breaking out all over the country. When Zhang Jue founds the "Way of the Great Peace" order, he rallies enough followers to leads the largest revolt yet: The Yellow Turban Rebellion. This is where the curtain on history is raised. It all starts with a man named Liu Bei Xuande. When he forms a brotherhood with Guan Yu and Zhang Fe, together they take a step toward suppressing the rebellion and bringing unity back to China."

Nagimiso created MIKU-4 as a web and dōjinshi spinoff of Crypton Future Media's virtual Vocaloid idol Hatsune Miku. (Crypton Future Media eventually gave its formal blessing to the manga.) The four-panel manga depicts the coming of age of Miku, a quiet, shy girl.

JManga's releases for Tuesday include the following manga:

JManga's releases for next Thursday will include:

The JManga website is now accessible worldwide for selected titles.

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