Remote-Control Malware Investigators Dispatched to FBI

posted on 2012-11-12 11:52 EST

The Japanese joint investigation on malicious software (malware), specifically one that allows an attacker to remotely control a victim's computer, has dispatched five investigators to the United States on Monday. They are seeking the FBI's assistance in analyzing communications records to determine if email allegedly from the culprit originated from servers located in the United States.

A Tokyo lawyer and the television station TBS received email from a person who claimed to be the "real criminal" behind the malware last month. The messages were reportedly sent via multiple servers around the world, ultimately from those in the United States and Europe. The Japanese investigators will be visiting California and other places where the servers are.

Police had arrested anime technical director Masaki Kitamura (Gundam 00) in August for sending massacre threats, but released him one month later after they determined that the malware likely enabled someone else to send the threats from Kitamura's computer. Three other individuals held on similar charges were also released, and the government publicly apologized for arresting them.

Source: Nikkei

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