Hanabee and Supanova Announce NeuroMania Quiz

posted on 2013-03-25 10:59 EDT
Melbourne Supanova Pop Culture Expo hosting Hanabee Entertainment's Anime & Pop Culture Challenge for all attendees;

The NeuroMania Anime & Pop Culture Challenge will be a fun quiz run on the 13th and 14th of April at Melbourne Supanova (at the Melbourne Showgrounds). The challenge is quite simple and broken down into two major stages;

Preliminary Selection Quiz Challenge

To compete all you have to do is visit the Hanabee Entertainment booth on Saturday the 13th of April and sign up. You will then be placed into one of four heats with eleven other contestants. Each group of twelve will be split into three teams of four, then go head to head in over three rounds of pop culture knowledge and one team will be eliminated at the end of each round. The members of the last team standing will then compete head-to-head to be the winner of the heat. Then the winner of the heat will continue on with the rest of the winners to the final quiz.

Final Quiz

To be held on stage and live on Sunday the 14th of April. The four challengers will be split into two teams of two and given a special guest as the team leader for these six final quiz rounds;

      Buzz-In-Ga: General pop culture knowledge.
      The Dorn of Time: Contestants are show a image with the characters faces obscured by Michael Dorn, they must correctly guess which film or TV show the image is from.
      Anime, Anime not…: A short anime clip is shown, questions are then asked about the clip.
      Fictionary: Pictionary or Draw Something where contestants draw pictures to describe Movie, Book or TV titles.
      Theme me up, Scotty: Samples of theme songs are played, contestants must guess the TV series or Movies they come from.
      The Final Frontier: Head to head pop culture knowledge round.

The challenger with the highest score will take home a prize pack and trophy. You can view further information on NeuroMania at Supanova's website and visit Hanabee Entertainment's site here.

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