Girls und Panzer's 'Enkai War' Video Anime Digest Streamed

posted on 2013-06-07 09:00 EDT
Celebratory anime short to be included in 6th Blu-ray/DVD on June 21

The official website for the Girls und Panzer television anime began streaming a digest video of "Enkai War," the original video anime included in the sixth and final Blu-ray Disc/DVD volume.

In the video, the girls are celebrating that their school will not be shut down with a toast. In addition, some of the members of the club perform a small play, in which the play's character Beth suddenly collapses at her piano. Yukari Akiyama also returns for her sixth and final lesson on tanks, this time teaching the audience about the Maus tank.

Bandai Visual will ship the first limited edition of the sixth volume on Blu-ray Disc and DVD on June 21. The limited edition Blu-ray Disc will have the "Enki War" video, two 24-minute episodes, a "senshadō" lecture by Yukari Akiyama, and audio commentaries by cast members. The release also features a two-episode (8-minute) sound drama, promotional videos for episodes 11 and 12, clean endings for episodes 11 and 12, military commentaries by the staff, a 24-page illustration collection, nine character playing cards, a playing card case, and an exclusive 48-page booklet.

Video via: Nicotube Anime

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