Blue Exorcist Blu-ray Details

posted on by Andrew Osmond
Part 1 of combo pack on September 9; dub will only on the Blu-ray discs (DVD sub-only).

Manga Entertainment has posted the following on its facebook page:

Following on from our previous subtitle-only DVD release, we're set to re-release the series of Blue Exorcist later this year. However this time it will be on Blu-ray under the name "Blue Exorcist - Definitive Edition".

There's been some confusion as to what this will contain and how it's being released, so we wanted to take a moment to clear this up.

"Blue Exorcist - Definitive Edition" will be released over two parts, starting with Part 1 (episodes 1-13) on 9th September and Part 2 to follow after. (Date will be confirmed at a later time.)

The reason it's called "Definitive Edition" is that the English language audio, which was not available as part of our original release, will be included. But please note that the English language audio will *only* be on the Blu-ray discs of "Blue Exorcist - Definitive Edition".

In the case of "Blue Exorcist - Definitive Edition Part 1", it will contain:

*Episodes 1-13 of Blue Exorcist on Blu-ray and DVD.

*The Blu-ray discs will contain the English language audio and Japanese language audio (with English subtitles) for all the episodes.

*The DVD discs will only contain the Japanese audio with English subtitles (as per our previous subtitle-only release.)

We hope this clears up any confusion.

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