Haganai's Hirasaka Creates 2nd Occult Maiden Manga

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Yomi Hirasaka's story of girl who sees ghost after learning her friend died

The blog for Media Factory's Monthly Comic Alive magazine announced on September 20 that a second manga in Haganai novelist Yomi Hirasaka's Occult Maiden project will begin serializing in the magazine's December issue on October 26. The Occult Maiden ~Hi Shō Oni wo Tsugu Shōnen~ (Occult Maiden ~Sun Chapter – The Boy Who Succeeds the Ogre~) manga will be drawn by artist Hiroichi. The first manga, Hirasaka and artist Chado's Sekigan no Shōnen Occult Maiden ~Kage Shō~ (One-Eyed Boy Occult Maiden ~Shadow Chapter~), began serializing in July.

The first Occult Maiden manga by Chado revolves around Sae Sasamatsu, who although lived a normal life as a female high school student, suddenly wakes up in a hospital. In her hospital room, she sees two people: one is her friend from school who tells her that her best friend has died, and the other figure is one not of this world.

The second Occult Maiden manga by Hiroichi revolves around Chikage, a boy who is the head of a family of exorcists that destroy entities known as “tatari.” He fights together against a large brewing scheme along with a team of girls.

Hirasaka's Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (Haganai) light novels with Buriki's illustrations have over 4.85 million copies in circulation, although the ninth volume was on hiatus until last month.

The Haganai novels were adapted into a television series last year and the second season Haganai NEXT premiered in January. Funimation announced in January 2012 that it had acquired the rights for the first season while Seven Seas licensed the manga adaptation. Funimation streamed Haganai NEXT as it aired this year. There is also an live-action film opening next year.

Update: Ninth Haganai light novel volume's date added. Thanks, Noah Mulllenix

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