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Japan's Bookstore Employees Rank Top Manga of 2014

posted on by Emma Hanashiro

The Honya Club website announced the "Nationwide Bookstore Employees' Recommended Comics of 2014" on Tuesday. The results, collected from surveys given to the bookstore employees, reflects the recommendations for series with five published volumes or less.

Nationwide Bookstore Employees' Recommended Comics of 2014 Results:

1. Sakamoto desu ga?
Nami Sano
Sakamoto, a gopher to his upperclassmen in middle school, is suddenly accepted as the coolest guy in high school, with everything he does thought of as art.
2. Ajin
Gamon Sakurai
After a car accident, high-schooler Kei Nagai is turned into an "Ajin," a hideous and immortal being. Along with his one friend KAI, he escapes into the mountains away from humans, and meets other Ajin.
3. Shokugeki no Sōma
Story: Yūto Tsukuda
Art: Shun Saeki
Middle-schooler Soma Yukihira works everyday at his home in order to surpass his father as a master chef. However, suddenly, his father tells him to enter cooking school.
4. The Seven Deadly Sins
Nakaba Suzuki
After the death of the king due to the Holy Knights, Princess Elizabeth calls together the legendary warriors, The Seven Deadly Sins.
5. One-Punch Man
Story: ONE
Art: Yūsuke Murata
The manga follows the hero "Saitama," a legend who is far too strong, and can take down evil criminals in one punch.
6. Horimiya
Story: HERO
Art: Daisuke Hagiwara
The manga follows Hori, a female high school student who looks flashy but is actually a family-oriented kind of girl, and Miya, a male high-schooler who looks normal but in fact has lots of piercings and tattoos.
7. Honey So Sweet
Amu Meguro
As a middle-schooler, Nao finds a delinquent collapsed on a rainy day, but since she is a coward, she left him an umbrella and ran away. In high school, she reunites with him, only to have him ask, "Please date me before marriage!"
8. Kū Neru Futari Sumu Futari
Kinoko Higurashi
Ritsuko and Shuichi have been dating for ten years, and living together for eight. The two are more than lovers, and just before marriage.
9. Hibi Chōchō
Suu Morishita
Suiren, the most beautiful girl in school, is interested in tough karate boy Kawasumi. However, they are not very good at getting their feelings across.
Chie Shinkyū
26-year old Wakako drinks sake at bars alone every night, searching for her place to belong.
11. Bungō Stray Dogs
Story: Kafka Asagiri Art: Haruka 35
After young man Kyo Nakajima saves a man from his wish of suicide, he and his friends join the "Arms Detective Company," a group that gathers together people with special powers.
12. DAYS
Tsuyoshi Yasuda
Two boys met on a stormy night: Tsukushi, a boy with no special traits at all, and Jin, a soccer genius. On that night, Jin drags Tsukushi into the world of high school soccer.
13. Yugami-kun ni wa Tomodachi ga Inai
Jun Sakura
The story of the comedy manga revolves around Yūji Yugami and Chihiro Watanuki, who sit next to each other in class. Unfortunately for Chihiro, the transfer student Yūji is weird... extremely weird. Even though he's the ace of the baseball club, he hasn't adapted to the club at all. He also stands apart from the rest of the class, but seems completely satisfied with being alone.
14. P to JK
Maki Miyoshi
Female high-schooler Kako met Kota at a party for adults. Although she gets into a good mood with him, she finds out he's actually a policeman.
15. Itsuka Tiffany de Chōshoku o
Hirochi Maki
The story revolves around different girls who go to different restaurants for breakfast.

A nominating committee composed mainly of bookstore staffers created a similar list for the the seventh Manga Taisho awards ("Cartoon Grand Prize").

Source: Comic Natalie

Update: Tsuyoshi Yasuda and Chie Shinkyū's spellings corrected. Thanks, kirisaki_kabuto

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