Gurrenn Lagann Release Update

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Details of the Ultimate Edition from Anime Limited, but its release is moved back to around August 25.

On its facebook page, Anime Limited has made the following announcement about its forthcoming 'Ultimate Edition' of Gainax's Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann robot anime series on Blu-ray. (A packshot of the release can be seen at the link.) The announcement mentions that, because of delays with approvals, the release has been moved back to around August 25.

Packaging + Physical information:

- O-CARD around box (not pictured) with BBFC, Anime Ltd logo and different artwork on it. - Clean box using deluxe edition artwork. - 4-tray digipack - Art card certifying the number your release is out of. - 100 A5 page artbook

What's on the discs?

- TV Series, Episodes 1-27 in HD - TV broadcast version of Episode 13 - Film 1: Gurren Lagann the Movie –Childhood's End-, - Film 2: Gurren Lagann the Movie – The Lights in the Sky Are Stars - Parallel Works (split over Film 1 & 2′s discs)

Extras on the discs?

- Yoko goes to Gainax bonus feature - Sazigen 3DCG Test Animation Footage - From storyboard to animation – animated storyboards. - Clean Opening 1 - Clean Ending 1 - Clean Opening 2 - Clean Ending 2 - Music montage from end of the first half of the show

Audio on disc:

- English dub – 5.1 track - Japanese audio – 2.0 track - French audio – 2.0 track


- English subtitles - English song/sign tracks - French subtitles


We've got the basic packaging (O-CARD, Rigid box, Digipack, art card) approved – however for 100 pages, the artbook is proving very difficult due to the nature of the files delivered to us. When Golden Week ends (next week) we hope for a resupply of artworks the licensor approves of but we're currently in limbo there for this month.

The biggest issue is that the delays slow when we can print the artbook too. It takes a bit of time to do the print too so we're definitely running late.

I'd say latest of August 25th just now – but this one's not on us – we started approvals back in March and it's just one of those projects where the committee really cares about the final product. We can respect that and they want the best for you guys too in terms of packaging!


While listed initially as having “My Gurren is Shiny” from the Nintendo DS game, we've been told after asking for the Japanese script to translate it that the licensor has not approved its use on any other international release. It also was not translated on the version released in America so it's unfortunate but not a surprise...

... What we are looking for are for some brave souls to help us out in QC'ing the Gurren Lagann release though – as the English version of the discs are almost ready to go now! If you have time to check it out in HD and feedback within the next month then please could you email us at kerry AT alltheanime DOT com (replace capped words with symbols as appropriate) to discuss.

The Gurren Lagann series is set on a future Earth where people are forced to live in isolated underground villages. One boy uncovers a key to a robot, and the resulting adventures put him in the battles waging on the surface and lead him to the secrets behind humanity's new existence.

Image © Gainax/Aniplex, KDE-J, TV Tokyo, Dentsu

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