Bladedance of Elementalers Blu-rays/DVDs to Add Mini OVAs

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Video anime shorts tied to short stories that the original novelist is writing for the volumes

Online retailer Amazon is listing the six monthly Blu-ray/DVD volumes for the Bladedance of Elementalers anime between October 8, 2014 and March 4, 2015. Each one includes a mini original video anime (OVA). Each mini OVA are tied to the new 32-page short story that original light novel author Yū Shimizu is writing for the limited first pressing of every Blu-ray/DVD volume.

Each volume also includes two television episodes, audio commentaries, and a special picture label. Some of the volumes also include video bonuses such as the clean opening and ending anime sequences and promotional videos. The limited first pressing of each volume adds special Digipack packaging illustrated by character designer Maki Fujii, a special clear case, the short story by Shimizu, a 24-page special booklet, a special CD, and four eyecatch cards. The limited edition of the first volume will also bundle a TRPG rulebook supervised by Shimizu and an early ticket application form for an event.

In the "elemental fantasy" story, only a pure girl may enter into a spirit contract. At Areishia Spirit Academy, the daughters of nobility are assembled to take elite classes and become spirit elementalists. A boy named Kamito happened to be peeping on a student named Claire while she was taking a bath, and he accidentally makes a contract with a spirit instead of Claire. Now, Kamito has become something once thought impossible in this world — a male spirit elementalist.

Sentai Filmworks licensed the streaming and home video rights for the anime in North America, and Crunchyroll is streaming the anime into several countries as it airs in Japan.

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