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New Steins;Gate Anime Shorts Promote IBM's Next-Generation Computing

posted on by Egan Loo
Original shorts depict how Cognitive Computing changes life in the future

The popular game Steins;Gate is collaborating with IBM's next-generation computer research initiative "Cognitive Computing" on a series of original anime shorts. IBM's Mugendai (Infinity) website is hosting the first Sōmei Eichi no Cognitive Computing video, "Cooking":

Text on sign: Future Gadget Laboratory
Mayuri: Tutturu! Hey hey, listen! Right now, Mayushi and Kurisu...
Kurisu: Are going to make fried chicken.
Okabe & Daru: Huh!? Wh... What did you say...!?
Okabe: Don't! If you do that, this lab will fall into the depths of Hell!
Daru: I'm in firm agreement!
Kurisu: You're acting way over the top.
Mayuri: It's OK. Today, we have a super special secret tool to use.
Okabe: A secret tool? Could it be...!?
Kurisu: It's not the anime-like tool you're imagining. It's this!
Oopa: Hello! I'm Oopa! To be more specific, I'm a cognitive computer within this terminal!
Okabe: Cogni...? Wait, so you're saying that you'll get help from this thing?
Oopa: Yes! I'll support them. I'll intricately give instructions on ingredients, cooking method, and other things.
Daru: They'll be oK this way, right?
Okabe: Fine. I'll believe. Oopa! No, cognitive doll! Show me you can help Mayuri and Kurisu make a perfect dish!
Kurisu: Why are you acting so high and mighty?
Mayuri: Well... That's just Okarin.
Oopa: First, I will show the recipe for the fried chicken.
Kurisu: Chicken thighs, flour, and potato starch.
Mayuri: Then for flavor, sake and soy sauce.
Okabe: So... What is this?
Oopa: Beef, chocolate, apricot puree, flour, eggs, banana, and others.
Okabe: This is completely different from fried chicken!
Daru: This is just sad...
Mayuri: We didn't have the correct ingredients in the lab...
Okabe: Then why didn't you go buy them!?
Kurisu: But it sure is weird... There's no potato starch, but there's a rare ingredient like apricot puree... Who was it who- Huh!? Hashida!?
Daru: I figured that I might get a girlfriend and we'd cook at the lab.
Kurisu: Leaving Hashida's delusions aside, no matter what kind of logic you use, it's probably impossible to make fried chicken with these ingredients...
Okabe: Just go buy ingredients.
Oopa: Well then, let's think about what we can make with these ingredients.
Mayuri: Wow! You can do that!?
Oopa: Leave it to me!
Mayuri: It's done!
Kurisu: It's complete!
Okabe: Wh... What is this...?
Oopa: Chocolate buritos!
Daru: It doesn't look bad.
Mayuri: Right? Okarin, Daru, take a taste test.
Okabe: Hmph... Fine. You all worked so hard. I'll resolve myself. Daru, please go ahead first.
Daru: Wha-!? You said all that, and you're just going to push it on me!?
Okabe: You just said it didn't look bad!!
Mayuri: Okarin... If you act like you hate it so much, Mayushi gets sad...
Okabe: ...Fine! It'll be OK if I eat it, right!? ...It's good.
Kurisu: Well that was obvious. You got too freaked out.
Okabe: It appears I'm seeing- No, tasting an illusion. Yes, this is the possibility of technology...
Kurisu: You aren't honest with your feelings.
Mayuri: And it's all thanks to Oopa.
Okabe: This is so good.
"Cooking" and the other three shorts ("Navigation," "Fashion," and "Kaigi" or Meeting) show how computers will improve life in the future.

The original game features a plot-critical "IBN 5100" computer, modeled after the real-life IBM 5100 computer that IBM sold in 1975. The current collaboration came about when Steins;Gate creator and MAGES. President Chiyomaru Shikura talked with IBM Japan's representatives.

Source: MoCA News

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