Aniplex, Key Visual Arts Announce New Project on December 22

posted on by Sarah Nelkin
More information about Angel Beats! also to be announced

The official website for the Angel Beats! original anime updated on Tuesday, and revealed that a new project between Aniplex and Key Visual Arts will be announced at an announcement conference on December 22. More information about the Angel Beats! franchise will also be disclosed during the same conference. The work is being released in celebration of Key's 15 anniversary.

Fans can apply online to be chosen by lottery to attend the conference, which will be held in Tokyo. The conference will also be available to watch live via Niconico's streaming service.

The website is hosting an announcement video:

Aniplex x Key Presents New Project & Angel... by pKjd

The website features an image of Kanade Tachibana from Angel Beats!, as well as an unknown silhouette.

The 2010 Angel Beats! anime revolves around protagonist Yuzuru Otonashi, who wakes to find himself in a strange high school setting. Otonashi has no memories prior to waking, but learns that the location is a strange afterlife and all of its inhabitants are deceased. He joins a group which rebels against the afterlife and its primary enforcer, Angel. A young woman named Yuri Nakamura leads the group, called "Shinda Sekai Sensen" (Afterlife War Front).

Sentai Filmworks released the anime on Blu-ray Disc and DVD in North America. A game adaptation of the anime's story is currently in development.

Thanks to Dennis R for the region-free embedded video.

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