Pilaf Gang Cast Records for Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no F Film

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Shigeru Chiba, Eiko Yamada, Tesshô Genda pose for picture during recording session

Voice actors Shigeru Chiba and Eiko Yamada wrote on Twitter on Saturday that they recorded their roles of Pilaf and Mai for this year's Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no F film. Yamada is pictured with Chiba and Tesshô Genda (voice of Shu) in her tweet.

Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no F (Dragon Ball Z: The F in Fukkatsu, or The Resurrected F) film will premiere in both 2D and 3D in theaters across Japan on April 18.

Dragon Ball manga creator Akira Toriyama said in an interview in November that the 'F' in the film's title stands for "Frieza," who will be revived in the film. Toriyama noted that he thought of the title while listening to "F" by rock band Maximum The Hormone, whom he came to know personally through a friend. The song itself features Frieza as a motif, and will be used as a "battle song" during one of the battle scenes in the film. The band originally released the song as its eighth single in July 2008.

Toriyama is personally credited with the original concept, screenplay, and character designs of the new movie. Dragon Ball Z animation director Tadayoshi Yamamuro is directing the new movie. Pop idol group Momoiro Clover Z (Sailor Moon Crystal, Bodacious Space Pirates) performs the film's theme song.

The film stars two original characters designed by Toriyama himself: Sorbet (seen above-left) and Tagoma (above-right). The characters are the survivors of the Frieza army who use the dragon balls to revive him.

Those who purchase advance tickets receive an exclusive earphone jack strap of either Goku or Frieza modeled by Toriyama. Regular advance tickets cost 1,400 yen (about US$12), middle and elementary school student tickets cost 800 yen (US$7), and pair tickets cost 2,100 yen (US$17). Special movie ticket cards are on sale now.


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