Girl Band Gacharic Spin to Perform New Dragon Ball Z Kai Ending

posted on by Rafael Antonio Pineda
New ending theme to feature in anime starting April 5

The official Japanese website for the Dragon Ball Z Kai TV anime series announced on Monday that the all-girl band Gacharic Spin will perform a new ending theme for Dragon Ball Z Kai, titled "Don't Let Me Down." The ending theme will air in the show starting April 5.

Oreo Reona, who plays keyboards and provides vocals, commented, "I've always found Kame-Sen'nin's (Master Roshi's) perverted scenes interesting. I may have started to try and become sexy since that time."

Hana, who plays the drums and also provides vocals, commented, "I kept doing the kamehameha motion when I was in grade school. I'm excited to be a part of an anime that's so popular it spans generations, even overseas."

F Chopper KOGA, who plays the bass, commented, "My brother always opposed my being in a band, but he loved Dragon Ball, so maybe now I can gloat over him. I've always wanted to do an anime theme song, but for it to be Dragon Ball is almost a dream!"

TOMO-ZO, who plays the guitar, commented, "I declared myself a space alien starting this year, so I always wanted a fight, but now that we're doing the ending theme, I've lost my will to fight."

Victor Entertainment will release the single CD for "Don't Let Me Down" on May 27.

Dragon Ball Z Kai (known as just Dragon Ball Kai in Japan) condenses the 1989-1996 Dragon Ball Z anime series to more closely follow Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball manga. The series features digital high-definition remastering, a re-recorded soundtrack, and select scenes updated with new effects or re-animated footage. The 2009-2011 run of Dragon Ball Z Kai covered from the Saiyan Saga to the Android Cell Saga. The series' second run began last April, and covers the Majin Buu Saga.

Source: Biglobe News

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