Macross Creator Kawamori Designs New CG Thunderbirds Series' Plane

posted on by Egan Loo
Longtime fan of UK sci-fi franchise drafts Thunderbird Shadow in 2015 TV series

Thunderbirds Are Go, the latest incarnation of the British science-fiction franchise Thunderbirds, credits anime creator and designer Shoji Kawamori (Macross, Escaflowne, Aquarion) with mechanical designs in the series. The CG series premiered on Saturday and listed Kawamori as the designer of the Thunderbird Shadow plane piloted by Tanusha “Kayo” Kyrano.

Kawamori told Animerica magazine that he has been a longtime fan of the original Thunderbirds puppet series, and even preferred it over Japan's own science-fiction franchise Ultraman: "I really believed there was no way modern weapons could possibly lose against some giant space barbarian."

Thanks to Gwyn Campbell for the news tip

[Via Forbes blog]

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