Infinite Stratos and Samurai Harem Released Monday

posted on by Andrew Osmond
New releases from MVM

On Monday December 14, MVM will release the second season of Infinite Stratos. Based on Izuru Yumizuru's light novel series, the anime revolves around a school training pilots to use the Infinite Stratos weapon system. The system can only be piloted by females who are selected from all over the world, except for one boy: Ichika Orimura, "the only male in the world who can use the IS."

MVM will also release the series Samurai Harem. In the story, based on the manga by Yuu Minamoto, a boy swordsman, Yoichi, is in training. Yoichi comes down from the mountains to stay with four beautiful sisters. A new more severe "training" regiment awaits him.

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