Kanan Minami Ends Miseinen dakedo Kodomo ja Nai Manga (Update)

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Story of 16-year-old getting married launched in 2012

This year's combined third and fourth issue of Shogakukan's Sho-Comi magazine announced on Monday that Kanan Minami (Kyō, Koi o Hajimemasu, Honey & Honey Drops) will end her Miseinen dakedo Kodomo ja Nai (I'm a Minor But I'm Not a Child) manga in the next issue on February 5.

The story centers on a 16-year-old high school girl who is getting married. Minami launched the series in December 2012, and Shogakukan shipped the fourth compiled volume in June 2014.

Minami's earlier manga series Kyō, Koi o Hajimemasu inspired a live-action film.

Update: Minami announced the birth of her daughter in June 2014. At this time she also announced that Miseinen Dakedo Kodomo Janai had reached a stopping point and she would take a break from the series. The last chapter of the manga before the hiatus was published on April 19, 2014. While on hiatus, Minami serialized a short essay manga called Minami Kanan no Manga-ka ni Naritai about her journey as a manga artist.

Miseinen Dakedo Kodomo Janai resumed from hiatus with a one-shot in Sho-Comi 17 on August 5, 2015. The manga then resumed in full with a "new series" in Sho-Comi 21 on October 5. The new series, which has the same title, follows the main couple on their honeymoon in Hawaii.

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