M&C! Licenses Romantica Clock, Ninja Girl in Love, Lip and Shadow Manga

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Ren Koizumi's First Time of Love and Broken Heart also licensed; releases slated for September 7

Indonesian publisher M&C! announced on Wednesday that it has licensed Satoru Takamiya's Ninja Girl in Love (Shinbazu no!), Ren Koizumi's First Time of Love and Broken Heart (Hatsukoi, Katakoi. Mou Tomodachi ja Irarenai), Yoko Maki's Romantica Clock, and Lily Izuki's Lip and Shadow (Lip ni Shadow). The company will publish all titles on September 7 (although only the first volume of Romantica Clock is slated for the date).

Ninja Girl in Love follows Shino Ishikawa, a self-proclaimed "charisma" ninja, now employed at the Ogami company under her boss Kagetsu. While Kagetsu is pushy, obstinate, and a crybaby, Shino is in love with him. This poses a problem, as not only is Shino completely unable to read the mood, but Shino is also in elementary school.

Takamiya launched the manga in Shogakukan's Cheese! Zōkan magazine in 2014, and ended it in the same year. Shogakukan published the manga's one compiled book in May 2014.

M&C! publishes Takamiya's Full Moon Joker, Fallen Angel, and Falling Heart manga. The company released all three manga in January 2014.

First Time of Love and Broken Heart centers on Risa, who is best friends with a boy named Yuki. Risa has feelings for Yuki, but cannot yet act on them. One day, Yuki asks Risa to help him confess his feelings to Risa's friend Chihiro. While she would like to help, she is conflicted by her crush on Yuki, and wonders whether to help him.

Shogakukan published the book in August 2014.

M&C! previously announced last month that it will publish Koizumi's Tears of Love - I Didn't Mean for It to Happen- (Koishite, Namida. - Sonna Tsumori ja Nakatta no ni) on August 17.

Romantica Clock is a comedy about twins: the beautiful, popular, and energetic Akane, and her smart, aloof brother Aoi. Akane, who has felt jealous of Aoi since she was a young child, continues to be unable to get along with him even as the two grow older.

Maki launched the manga in Shueisha's Ribon magazine in 2013, and ended it last November. Shueisha published the manga's 10th and final compiled book volume on June 24. A three-episode television anime adaptation of the manga aired in February 2014 during TV Tokyo's Oha Star program.

Lip and Shadow centers on two childhood friends Nagi and Chikage. While Chikage is smart, athletic, and good in a fight, he is extremely feminine. Nagi meanwhile has resolved to confess her long-hidden feelings to a friend named Shiomi, but can't find the strength to do it. While Chikage encourages her, Nagi begins to detect something more behind Chikage's words.

Izuki published the manga in Shogakukan's Betsucomi magazine in 2015. Shogakukan published the manga's one compiled book volume in the same year.

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