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Aniplex Reveals More Details About Fate/Grand Order Game's Release in U.S., Canada

posted on by Crystalyn Hodgkins
iOS/Android versions to launch simultaneously, up to chapter 2 will be available at launch, events planned

Aniplex held a press conference at the Sakura-Con event in Seattle on Saturday to reveal more information about its planned release of the Fate/Grand Order smartphone game in the United States and Canada this summer.

A representative from Aniplex stated at the press conference that the game will have a simultaneous release in both the U.S. and Canada, and Aniplex also plans to release the iOS and Android versions simultaneously. Delightworks is developing the North American app, and Aniplex is publishing the app. Aniplex of America is handling PR and marketing for the game.

For Those Already Playing the Japanese Version

Yōsuke Shiokawa, creative director of Fate/Grand Order, confirmed at the conference that those who are already playing the Japanese version of the game won't be able to bring their data over to the North American version. Instead, if fans want to also play the North American version, they will need to start from the beginning with that version. Shiokawa explained, "We understand that many people are already playing the Japanese version, however one part of the idea when we do localization of this game is to give the overseas fanbase the exact same experience as when this game was first launched in Japan."

Shiokawa clarified that there will be no technical issues with playing both the Japanese and English versions at the same time, adding, "but what we're trying to do with this localization is we want everyone to experience this game as it was experienced in Japan."

Launch Plans

Aniplex plans to release the game with content up through chapter 2 at launch. However, Shiokawa clarified that while Aniplex will release content through chapter 2, the application itself will be a newer version than what was available when chapter 2 came out in Japan. The North American version will include various quality fixes in the app that Aniplex has released in Japan up through this point. Aniplex then plans to update the app with new chapters later.

Aniplex plans to run a campaign for the game before its release, but the campaign might not be the same as the pre-registration campaign that Aniplex ran in Japan.

Similarities and Differences Between Versions

Shiokawa clarified at the press conference that Aniplex plans to import the original game as is to the North American market, and so there will not be any North American- or Japanese-exclusive content such as Servants. However, Aniplex added that it plans to run events and campaigns according to each specific region. Shiokawa said, for example, the game might have a campaign for the anniversary of the launch in North America in the future, or there might be a campaign or event for American holidays such as July 4.

Aniplex plans to run a collaboration event similar to the one in Japan when the Fate/Grand Order: First Order anime came out, but the event for the North American version will coincide with the anime's release in North America, and it may not have the exact same content.

Shiokawa also stated that the North American version will run on the same payment model as it did in Japan, but the pricing might be a little different. The North American version will also have its own in-game support team, and the staff plan to incorporate feedback from fans after the game's launch. The Servants in the game will have the exact same abilities, and the rates for Servants will also be the same.

Shiokawa said that Delightworks plans make no changes between the North American version and the Japanese version. He added, "However, when it comes to game ratings, the U.S. has different game rating style and rules that we have to follow compared to Japan. If anything comes up that we have to change based on that rating, that's possible, but we don't want to change anything."

Releases in Other Territories and Future Plans

Shiokawa stated at the press conference that there are no plans at this time for a European release.

Aniplex plans to promote the game at Anime Expo, although the company couldn't give any further details at this time about the event.


Aniplex released the game in Japan in summer 2015 and it has been downloaded more than 8 million times. Aniplex has released all seven chapters of part one, and the first chapter of part 1.5. Aniplex has already revealed that it will try to release part 2 this year in Japan.

Kinoko Nasu supervised and wrote the scenario with Yūichirō Higashide and Hikaru Sakurai. Takashi Takeuchi is in charge of character designs and art direction.

The game inspired the 74-minute Fate/Grand Order: First Order television anime special that aired in Japan on December 31. Aniplex of America, Crunchyroll, and Daisuki streamed the special the same day.

The game is also inspiring a stage play this July.

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