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Aniplex USA Announces Hell Girl 4, Owarimonogatari 2 Streaming on Crunchyroll (Update)

posted on by Karen Ressler
Also announces upcoming anime Record of Grancerest War, Blend S

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Aniplex of America announced at its Anime Expo panel on Sunday that it will release the Hell Girl 4, Owarimonogatari season 2, Record of Grancrest War, and Blend S anime. The company confirmed that Hell Girl 4 will stream on Crunchyroll in addition to Anime Strike, and Owarimonogatari season 2 will premiere "first" on Crunchyroll in August.

Aniplex did not announce detailed plans for Record of Grancrest War or Blend S. Record of Grancerest War is listed as "coming in January 2018" and Blend S is "coming in October."

Hell Girl 4 will premiere in Japan on July 14 and on Anime Strike on the same day. The new series will have six new episodes and six "reminiscence" episodes.

Hiroshi Watanabe (Hell Girl: Two Mirrors scriptwriter, Hell Girl: Three Vessels director) is again credited for the original concept. Takahiro Ōmori, the director of the first Hell Girl anime as well as Hell Girl: Two Mirrors, is returning to direct the anime at Studio DEEN. Also returning are Mariko Oka, Kenichi Kanemaki, and Yasuharu Takanashifor character designs, series composition, and music, respectively.

The Owarimonogatari sequel anime will be a two-day special. It will run for two hours on both August 12 and August 13 in Japan. It adapts the third of NisiOisin's Owarimonogatari novels.

The third novel covers the "Mayoi Hell," "Hitagi Rendezvous," and "Ōgi Dark" arcs. Monogatari series producer Atsuhiro Iwakami stated in September 2015 that the scenario for the Owarimonogatari novel series' third volume had already been written up, but that the production team was still deliberating on how best to present it.

The first Owarimonogatari anime, covering the first two novels in the series (which includes the "Ōgi Formula," "Sodachi Riddle," and "Sodachi Lost" chapters from the first novel, as well as the "Shinobu Mail" chapter from the second novel), premiered in October 2015. Crunchyroll and Daisuki both streamed the series as it aired.

Record of Grancrest War (Grancrest Senki) adapts author Ryo Mizuno and illustrator Miyū's light novel series of the same name. The fantasy action light novel series takes place on a continent ruled by chaos. The chaos breeds disaster, but the Lords of the continent have the power of "CREST" (Holy Seal) that can calm the chaos and protect the people. However, before anyone realizes it, the rulers cast aside their creed of purifying the chaos, and instead start to fight each other for each others' Crests and to gain dominion over one another. The novels center on Siluca, an isolated mage who scorns the Lords for abandoning their creed, and a wandering knight named Theo, who is on a journey to train to one day liberate his hometown, which is under tyrannical rule. Siluca and Theo make an everlasting oath to each other as master and servant, and work together to reform this continent dominated by wars and chaos.

Mamoru Hatakeyama (Shōwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjū, Sankarea: Undying Love) is directing the series at A-1 Pictures. Mizuno and tabletop RPG writer Shunsaku Yanoare in charge of series composition. WriteWorks is credited with the script, and Hiroshi Yakou (animation director for Prison School, Heavy Object) is designing the characters. Yūgo Kanno (Psycho-Pass, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable) is composing the music, and Yoshikazu Iwanami (Fate/Zero, Kill la Kill) is sound director.

Blend S is based on Miyuki Nakayama's four-panel manga of the same name. The manga's story centers on a girl named Maika who gets a job at a cafe where all the waitresses are given certain attributes — such as "tsundere" or "little sister" — to embody while serving customers. The manager asks Maika to be the "Do S" (extreme sadist) waitress, so she will have to adopt a dominant and aggressive persona.

Ryouji Masuyama (Gurren Lagann Parallel Works' "Drill the Heavens with Your XXX!!!" director, The IDOLM@STER episode director) is directing the anime at A-1 Pictures. Go Zappa (Koihime Musō, NAKAIMO - My Little Sister Is Among Them!, Chronicles of the Going Home Club) is supervising the series' scripts. Yousuke Okuda (Is the order a rabbit?) is designing the characters, and Tomoki Kikuya (Squid Girl, Eromanga Sensei) is composing the music.

Update: Aniplex confirmed at the A-1 Pictures panel on Monday that Blend S will simulcast in October and Record of Grancrest War will simulcast in January.

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