Shaft's Magical Suite Prism Nana Project Gets Stage Play

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Play to run this September in Tokyo

The official website for Shaft's Magical Suite Prism Nana project announced on June 17 that the project is getting a stage play, and Odd Entertainment revealed the cast and additional information on Sunday. The play, titled "Magical Suite Prism Nana The Starry Stage," will run for eight performances at Tokyo's Sunshine Theatre on September 13-18. Odd Entertainment began streaming a promotional video for the adaptation

The stage play's cast includes (Note: Some character name readings are not official.):

  • Nozomi Maeda as Mako Hīrag/Lightning Nana
  • Riho Miaki as Itaru Washioka/Heat Nana
  • Ruka Endō as Asuka Asagi/Earth Nana
  • Yūno Ōhara as Kotone Oribe/Aqua Nana
  • Ramu Tamagawa as Ako Sugawara
  • Ayame Tajiri as Hina
  • Ayaka Yamagami as Tachibana-san
  • Hinano Ayakawa (Link STAR's) as Shion
  • Kaede Fujimoto as Ria
  • Rin Asuka as Ran Asagi
  • Arisa Fujisaki as Tsubaki Asagi
  • Miyako Maikawa (Dear☆) as Suzu
  • Miku Amatsuki (Afilia Saga) as Maria Celeste
  • Mao Noguchi as Momo
  • Chihira Mochida as Hinagiku
  • Keiko Matsumoto as Sakura
  • Mikichu, Ayaka Saitō as Natasha
  • Saori Yasaka as Shizuka Gozen
  • Tomoka Wakabayashi as Izumo no Okuni
  • HInano Mai as Malietoa
  • Mio Hanana as Christina
  • Mina Kuryū (Alice in Alice) as Rīno Hono

The story takes place at a certain middle school in the present day. A shy but perceptive girl named Mako is spending time in the nurse's office like normal when she hears voices singing. She follows the voices to the school roof, where she sees Itaru, Asuka, and Kotone supervised by Nocchan-senpai. The three have lost confidence in their singing voices, so they are asking Nocchan what they are lacking. When Mako arrives, out of breath, the tanzaku (piece of colored paper) Nocchan threw away falls from her hand. Nocchan smiles and says "So it's you." Can Mako, Itaru, Asuka, and Kotone achieve the miracle Nocchan has been seeking?

The announcement teased that the production will include songs, dances, and magic. Ichidai Matsuda (Actor's Trash Assh) is directing the play, and Shō Kubota (Bokura Dangi) is writing the script.

SHAFT first announced the Magical Suite Prism Nana project with prototype Nendoroids at Comiket in 2012. The project spawned a series of pachislo (pachinko parlor slot) machines and a seven-part pilot promotional video series.

The project's Facebook page announced in June 2015 that the project would get an OVA series. The project will have seven episodes, and the director and the screenwriter will change between episodes. These episodes will utilize the "star system," where the same characters will star in each episode but the staff for each episode will have freedom in style and story. The first and second OVA episodes premiered at events in November 2015 and April 2016, respectively.

Kantoku (The "Hentai" Prince and the Stony Cat.) is responsible for the original character designs.

Source: Stage Natalie

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