Touken Ranbu Musical Gets 1st European Performance in Paris in July

posted on by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Paris performance returns to 1st stage play with most of original cast

During the last performance on Tuesday of Touken Ranbu - Tsuwamono Domo ga Yume no Ato, the fourth stage musical of the Touken Ranbu franchise, the staff announced that the stage musical will hold its first European performance in Paris on July 15 as part of the Japonisme 2018 event.

The performance will revisit Touken Ranbu - Atsukashiyama Ibun, the franchise's first stage musical. The cast will remain mostly the same as the play's first performance, but Masanori Tomita will replace Masaaki Okuno as Minamoto no Yoritomo (Tomita played the character in the third stage musical). The musical will be staged at the Palais des congrès de Paris. After the Paris performance, the musical will return to Tokyo for a performance that runs from August 3 to August 19.

Touken Ranbu - Tsuwamono Domo ga Yume no Ato held its first trial performance in 2015, with its debut run held from May to June 2016. The second musical, Touken Ranbu - Bakumatsu Tenrōden, ran from September to October 2016, with a final performance in Tokyo in November 2016. Tōken Ranbu Mihotose no Komoriuta, the franchise's third stage musical, ran from March to April 2017. Touken Ranbu - Tsuwamono Domo ga Yume no Ato, the fourth stage musical, debuted in December.

The franchise is also inspiring a separate series of stage plays. The fourth stage play ran from December 15-29, with a fifth stage play slated for June.

Source: Animate Times

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