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Seven Senses of the Re'Union Anime Reveals 4 Main Cast Members

posted on by Jennifer Sherman

The official Twitter account for the television anime of Noritake Tao and booota's Shichisei no Subaru (Seven Senses of the Re'Union) novels revealed the four main cast for the anime on Friday. The cast includes Kengo Takanashi, Nichika Omori, Akari Kitō, and Kaito Ishikawa. A livestream program that will stream on Niconico Live and bilibili on Friday at 10:00 p.m. JST will reveal the cast's roles.

The anime will premiere on TBS on July 5 at 25:58 (effectively July 6 morning at 1:58 a.m.), and will also air on BS-TBS on July 7 at 25:30 a.m. (effectively July 8 morning at 1:30 a.m.).

Yoshito Nishōji (Maji de Otaku na English! Ribbon-chan: Eigo de Tatakau Mahō Shōjo the TV, Koro Teacher Quest!) is directing the anime at Lerche. Takao Yoshioka (High School DxD, Ikki Tousen, The Testament of Sister New Devil) is in charge of series composition. Yumiko Yamamoto (Konohana Kitan animation director) is drawing the character designs, and is also the chief animation director.

The characters are as follows (Note: Character name spellings for the last two characters are not official.):

Haruto Amō, the optimistic frontline leader of Subaru. Since Asahi's death six years ago, he has lived a hollow life. His Sense is Fighting Spirit, which allows him to manipulate the aura inside of him for both offense and defense.

Asahi Kuga, a rear guard member of Subaru. She constantly had a smile on her face. She died while playing the game. Her Sense is Heart Play, which works on people's emotions and minds. Asahi's unique Propheta Sense is the final version of Heart Play.

Satsuki Usui, a rear guard member of Subaru. She used to be a tomboy. She is concerned about Haruto's well-being. Her Sense is Sorcery, which allows her to bind spirits to use magic. The number of spirits a person can bind depends on the person.

Takanori Mikado, a rear guard member of Subaru. He is always calm and collected. He had feelings for Asahi, and after her death, he began to resent Haruto. His Sense is Natural Laws, which manipulates the rules of the world, and allows him to perform anything from analyses to enacting physical changes on something.

Nozomi Kusaka, a rear guard member of Subaru. She is a reserved and introverted girl. In the years since Asahi's death, she has found a career as a magazine model. Her Sense is Dream Boundary, which allows her to turn imaginary things into reality. The things she can conjure are limited only by her imagination.

Clive Vivali, a rear guard member of Subaru. He has been a member for a long time, and is the group's only foreign member. He has a free-wheeling and unbound personality. His Sense is Transformation, which allows him to change the nature and properties of objects. The Sense allows many players to be unpredictable.

Elicia, the mysterious girl that appears before Haruto and the others. She seems to know something about Asahi's memories. Her Sense is Heart Play, which works on people's emotions and minds. Elicia's unique Mind Seal Sense has the ability to prevent people from using their Sense.

In the novels' story, there was once a legendary party named Subaru in the globally popular MMORPG Union. The group was made of elementary school friends. They earned fame in the blink of an eye for their unparalleled abilities in the Sense system at the core of the game. However, there was an incident where a player passed away inside the game. As a result of the death, Union ended service.

Six years pass. Haruto Amō, who was a key member of Subaru, has become a hopeless high school student. His personality has changed, and he has no friends or ambition. A classmate gets him to log in to the new Re'Union game, and he ends up having a "reunion" that is hard to believe. He meets his former in-game partner and real-world childhood friend Asahi Kuga. The girl who was supposed to have died six years ago was there.

Haruto can't believe his eyes. He thinks he must be ill or Asahi must be a system error or bug. Yet, she really seems to be there in the game. A new legend begins after the pair's reunion.

Shogakukan published the first volume of the novels with Tao's story and booota's illustrations in August 2015. The sixth volume shipped last September.

Sources: Seven Senses of the Re'Union Anime's Twitter, MoCa News

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